Week 6: Game Reports

Game 10: LVC vs Dick Wolf (W 3-0) (Played due to rescheduling)

Played in a horrible storm. Slow as heck, the wolves were shorthanded. Sleeper.

Andrew (Chris)

Adrian (Chris)

Andrew (Owen)

Game 11: LVC vs D5 (L 1-0 SO)

Good match, Montour stood on his head in regulation. Winable.

No Scoring


Chris – Miss

Matt – Miss

Andrew – Miss

Game 12: LVC vs The Show (W 2-1)

The Show were shorthanded, we weren’t, it was raining… another sleeper.

Matty (Chris)

Chris (Adrian)

Week 7: Game Reports

Game 13: LVC vs Cacti (W 2-0)

Fun game to play in. we seem to be finding our groove, passing and interceptions up 94%.

Andrew (Chris)

Chris (Matt)

Game 14: LVC vs Flying Hellfish (W 4-0)

Upped the passing game, upped the scoring game, 2 shutouts in a row for Monty. Alright.

Matt (unassisted)

Chris (Andrew)

Chris (Matt)

Matt (Chris)