Week 6: Game Reports

Game 10: LVC vs Dick Wolf (W 3-0) (Played due to rescheduling)

Played in a horrible storm. Slow as heck, the wolves were shorthanded. Sleeper.

Andrew (Chris)

Adrian (Chris)

Andrew (Owen)

Game 11: LVC vs D5 (L 1-0 SO)

Good match, Montour stood on his head in regulation. Winable.

No Scoring


Chris – Miss

Matt – Miss

Andrew – Miss

Game 12: LVC vs The Show (W 2-1)

The Show were shorthanded, we weren’t, it was raining… another sleeper.

Matty (Chris)

Chris (Adrian)

Week 7: Game Reports

Game 13: LVC vs Cacti (W 2-0)

Fun game to play in. we seem to be finding our groove, passing and interceptions up 94%.

Andrew (Chris)

Chris (Matt)

Game 14: LVC vs Flying Hellfish (W 4-0)

Upped the passing game, upped the scoring game, 2 shutouts in a row for Monty. Alright.

Matt (unassisted)

Chris (Andrew)

Chris (Matt)

Matt (Chris)


Rumor Mill: Bidding War?

March 10, 2008


Brandon Dryden, pictured here suiting up for an 07′ match, is said to have recently become the object of a BSHL bidding war between the Flying Hellfish and Pirates. His loyalties seem to lie with the fish, however, the alluring scent of the freshly renovated Pirate squad may lead Dryden ala Pepe Le Peu towards a one-year deal. Further speculation lies with yet another goaltender being pursued by the Pirates, Evan Burns, of the 07′ “Rock N’ Rollers”. Burns seems to be an unrestricted FA pending the re-emergence of the “Chronic” franchise, as Captain Borland’s hand has now fully healed from last year’s unfortunate pre season mishap. The situation between the Pirates’ pipes, as well as Dryden’s loyalties, will be updated as further information is attained.