LVC took round one of the BSHL playoffs last Sunday, beating out a heart-filled Dick Wolf squad 5-0 & 3-0 in game 1 & 2 respectively. Hey Dick Wolf… we love you guys.

Round two sees a shortened LVC bench facing off against the Purple Cobras… a team seated 3rd in the Eastern conference during regular season play.

Here goes round 2…


Week 6: Game Reports

Game 10: LVC vs Dick Wolf (W 3-0) (Played due to rescheduling)

Played in a horrible storm. Slow as heck, the wolves were shorthanded. Sleeper.

Andrew (Chris)

Adrian (Chris)

Andrew (Owen)

Game 11: LVC vs D5 (L 1-0 SO)

Good match, Montour stood on his head in regulation. Winable.

No Scoring


Chris – Miss

Matt – Miss

Andrew – Miss

Game 12: LVC vs The Show (W 2-1)

The Show were shorthanded, we weren’t, it was raining… another sleeper.

Matty (Chris)

Chris (Adrian)

Week 7: Game Reports

Game 13: LVC vs Cacti (W 2-0)

Fun game to play in. we seem to be finding our groove, passing and interceptions up 94%.

Andrew (Chris)

Chris (Matt)

Game 14: LVC vs Flying Hellfish (W 4-0)

Upped the passing game, upped the scoring game, 2 shutouts in a row for Monty. Alright.

Matt (unassisted)

Chris (Andrew)

Chris (Matt)

Matt (Chris)


The Lakeview Crew managed to all but eliminate any shot the Whalers had at the preseason finals Sunday night. This match would ultimately decide which team was to move on towards the ‘ship and which would go home. The Whalers (composed of players from NHL ’94, Purple Cobras and Dick Wolf) were put down early when #47, Owen Puttock, potted a quick one-timer between Whalers’ keeper Mark Harris’ legs 27 seconds into the game. LVC’s second goal was scored by the checking line’s #17 on a jam play. The Whalers’ #10 then sniped blocker-side to make the score 2-1 LVC. The next goal came after #9 Ozolins took 3 Whalers players on his back in Crosby-esque fashion before dropping to defenseman Denis Savard for a point shot that was tipped, rebounded and then finally potted, as if he were Mr.Smyth in the flesh, by #19 Andrew Puttock. #17, Tozer, then scored another goal for LVC to make the score 4-1. LVC’s final goal was scored when Ozolins picked off a Whalers breakout pass and pulled the tender out of position with a wind-up before dishing off a saucer to the eldest Puttock who proceeded to pull backhand cross-crease and pot his second goal of the game (and 4th in the last 2) past a sprawling Harris. The Whalers were able to close the gap and tender Harris played stellar in the third, but it was too little, too late, the score ending up 5-3 in favour of the Crew. Again, the chemistry between the first line appears to be escalating exponentially as the 3 log more and more time with each other.

Of note: The Puttock brothers and Ozolins were a combined +9 on the evening, owning the offensive zone and absent from the ice on all 3 Whalers’ goals.

Box Score:

Owen Puttock (Greg Fischer)

Jared Tozer (Terry Post)

Whalers (Some Jerk)

Andrew Puttock (Denis Savard)

Jared Tozer (Chris Curtis)

Andrew Puttock (Chris Ozolins)

Whalers (Some Jerk)

Whalers (Some Jerk)


Dick Wolf GM Derek Biro has reached an agreement with sharpshooter Kris “One-Time” Halinen for his services in 08′. Halinen, formerly of the 06′ “Terror” had been placed on the IR last year due to a work-related injury but has fully recovered in the off-season, even successfully growing a respectable mustache for posterity. When asked to comment on the signing, Halinen warned “Bar-down, it’s the only way I know”.