News and ’09 roster to be posted in the upcoming weeks.


In the Beginning…

March 1, 2008


Hey Boys,

For all that were not yet aware yet, the BSHL site has launched. There are a few things you’ll really dig, and a few you won’t. I’ll give a little diatribe later in this update, but for now, there’s one thing we have to get out of the way asap. First, I’m 98% sure we’re going to end up using the “original” blue-blue-orange colour scheme, so instead of wasting time on a vote (although, I’ve included an extra pic with a sabres colour scheme that’s kind of neat), we’ll jump right to shirt colour (unless anyone has a problem with this). We get to fill out 3 jersey colour options in the registration form (in priority-based order) and we’ll receive a colour based on seniority (if two colours are desired by the same team) or by default if another team isn’t interested in it. Here’s what I think I’ll submit… since I’m giving Dan our registration (and money, which is now due with registration) tonight, just leave me your opinion over msn as to which order I should place them. The choices (click thumbnails to expand):

1) Dark Blue (navy)

Navy Jersey Option

2) Light Blue

Light Blue Shirt 1 Light Blue Shirt 2

3) Orange

Orange Shirt

So yea, drop your opinion on by today via msn.

On to some of the new issues and changes implemented for 08′.

Team Fee:

The team fee for BSHL o8′ is $175 (in other words, same as last year pretty much). Please don’t freak out on me, I know it’s a lot, and I’d rather not pay it as well. I’m looking to get $30 out of all the starters and $10 minimum from the 2 subs (as soon as you can, as I’ll be out this $175 as of this evening). There’s a 16 team cap and I’m already aware of 11 teams signing up for certain… so I think the cap will be reached relatively quickly, as league awareness is at an all-time high. Regardless, air your issues with me over msn, it’ll make you feel better. Hey, at least (the glass is half full) we have another great summer of hockey ahead of us. Also, alternatively, hopefully everyone can grab us a sponsor this year, at least for a couple bucks to help out with jerseys and/or the other good stuff.


You got the email, yea you! Reply asap (Sunday at the latest). I’m trying to gather my thoughts on paper so that come Monday, it’s easier to make the call on departure date and book with the Ontario parks folks.

08′ Rules:

The rules for 08′ are posted on the new site as well. A lot of the rules from last year are the same, but I’ll highlight a few of the new ones.

– 6 player, 1 goalie roster. Subs are now allowed between games, but not during. If you cannot get 4 players and a goalie out from your 6-man roster, you must play shorthanded. There is no more inter-team subbing allowed. If your goalie is missing, a team sub must play that position.

– Jerseys are mandatory this year.

– Check the new penalty breakdown. It’s too long to write, but there are now two types: 2:00 minors, and 5:00 majors.

– Goals will be recorded and posted on the BSHL site. After every game, teams are required to meet with the referee and fill out the game sheet.

– There will now be a whistle to begin play (once the defending team is back on their half of center) after goals.

– Sides will now be determined by a coin flip prior to all games.

– Playoff structure is the same.

– There will be a BSHL All Star game on Saturday July 12th, 2008.

– Referees will be paid a small amount this year to ensure quality, reliable reffing.

Well, there are the majority of the rule changes for 08′ as far as I know.

I’ll leave it at that for now, but in the past few days I’ve acquired quite a few funny and/or interesting BSHL/LVC stories and I’ll be making regular updates (daily, and maybe even more) whenever I pop online and have some time. Notice, for posterity’s sake, that the updates will be categorized as either “updates” (relevant data), “banter” (just good ol’ talk) or something else at the bottom of the page, for archive-based viewing. The site’s slowly building too, as a records page was recently added to the History section and many more improvement are currently in the works. Finally, we’re throwing around dates for the LVC photo so remember to bring that up to me next time we’re speaking so as something can be organized.

Stay fit and have fun.


Welcome Home!

February 27, 2008

Welcome to the next generation in the progression of the LVC dynasty!

As opposed to a shitty facebook group, this year all updates, rosters, standings, statistics, scouting and game reports will be posted here, at the new e-home of the Lakeview Crew. I recommend that all team members sign up for a wordpress account (it literally only takes 5 seconds) so as they may comment on discussions, make updates and give input. Hek, blogs are kind of fun (in a weird “work and reward” way) so really, give it a go… just be careful you don’t post about any unmentionables. I know White Wolf surf’s the blogs relentlessly and he more-than-likely will rag on you for it… before, after and during your medicine ball workout. The nice thing about this format is that we can now post pictures and videos along with our updates (or whatever demands it). I already have a few volunteers who said they wouldn’t mind snapping a few pics during games for a little fun with the game reports.

Finally, there are a few things we have to get on top of in the most democratic way possible.

1) Jerseys- Let’s try to pull an “Olympic” style vote off pretty soon (good suggestion… Owen?) , so I’ll set up an area to vote in the next day or so.

2) Sponsors- Well, I’ve just discovered the BSHL has its own website this year. That’s actually ridiculously cool, but at the same time, gives me the feeling that, perhaps, league fees may be up in the $20+ range again. I apologize, but you know how it is, I don’t make the rules… that info will be available March 1st (team registration opens). I’d love if everyone could get a sponsor or contribute something this year to the team fund (first priority is jerseys, then vote from there on in…)

3) Camping Trip- This is GOING TO HAPPEN. I’m talking to everyone right now trying to find the absolute most convenient time to meet everybody’s needs. I guarantee a tremendously good time. It’s currently looking like it may take place around the 20th of April, and will most likely be to Algonquin for 2-3 days max. including a portage. The cost will be minimum as we already have tents available to us.

4) Team Picture- This just has to happen this year. I’m thinking some kind of whirlwind involving white t-shirts, suspenders, mustaches and medicine balls. Matt has suggested one photographer and I know a pretty French girl who’s available if that fall’s through. Ideally, this would take place prior to the end of April as well. I’m not against asap though.

5) Babe/Dude of the week- A new hot chick and/or normal looking dude every week along with why they exemplify the values that LVC hold dear. For the most part, this will just be a ridiculously cute girl every week to keep people checking-in… but we’ll probably get creeping on spectators too and have a good time with it. This will be listed under “weekly”.

6) Play of the week- So obviously self-explanatory.

Alright guys, shoot off a comment if you got through all that crap without falling asleep. I know some will say “excessive!” with their fist in the air like a Cuban dictator, but what the fuck, I have a blast doing this and it’s got to make everything a bit more… more… engrossing.

Consider this your clubhouse.