LVC took round one of the BSHL playoffs last Sunday, beating out a heart-filled Dick Wolf squad 5-0 & 3-0 in game 1 & 2 respectively. Hey Dick Wolf… we love you guys.

Round two sees a shortened LVC bench facing off against the Purple Cobras… a team seated 3rd in the Eastern conference during regular season play.

Here goes round 2…


The 08′ season closed out last Sunday with two strong LVC wins, solidifying second position in the East and leading into a first round match-up with the Lockport Gambino Fords. Below are complete first round listings:


[1] Smoke Show vs. [8] Lockport Gambino Ford

[2] Lakeview Crew vs. [7] Dick Wolf

[3] Purple Cobras vs. [6] Meatheads

[4] Burlington Schlitz vs. [5] Reapers


[1] District 5 vs. [8] Last Second Decision

[2] Pirates vs. [7] Flying Hellfish

[3] NHL ’94 vs. [6] The Show

[4] Beast vs. [5] Cacti

Also of note: final regular season stats updated.

Good Luck Fellas!

p.s. Sorry Lockport, wrong matchup!