Name: Katherine Heigl

Age: 29

Most Famous for: Grey’s Anatomy, Knocked Up

Katherine Heigl is a complete babe. The weekly had to be posted. The weekly is usually a babe. Through 2 degrees of transitivity, here she is. Dear Katherine… I hope you like winners, ’cause your boys are 2-0.

Chosen By: Chris


A few of the gentlemen from the BSHL met last night to take in the Dallas game and have a little round-table discussion about our sport. Included in the festivities was a sneak preview of the 2008 season schedule, so without much further adieu, here’s what our first week looks like:

Game 1: LVC vs. Lockport Gambino Ford

Game 2: LVC vs. Smoke Show

Alternate jerseys are in.

Stu Barnes would be proud.