Name: Camilla Belle

Age: 21

Most Famous for: When a Stranger Calls, 10000 BC

So, I watched 10,000 BC today… Con: The movie is horrible… Pro: Camilla Belle could be found hidden in this piece of garbage. Now, at first, I did think it was especially out of place to have a Neanderthal with perfectly shaped eyebrows and a smokin’ bod, but I later came to understand that she probably foresaw us, the members of LVC, watching the movie, and was just keeping up to the preconceived standards we’d have for her. Well Camilla, it’s okay to let your hair down around here. We’re not going to judge you for being “homely” when you’re still a smokin’ babe. Throw a t-shirt on, bring a lawn chair down to the Canadian Tire and crack a Rickard’s White while you watch your favourite squad snipe some cheese.

Chosen By: Chris


Name: Mandy Moore

Age: 24

Most Famous for: Recording artist, role as Jamie Sullivan in A Walk to Remember

I was enjoying a couple adult beverages the other night while trying to think of a fitting ‘Weekly’ when all of a sudden it hit me harder than a blind-side from Matty Downs (keep your heads up boys). I glanced up at the plasma televisions littered throughout the bar and whose mug should I see plastered all over them? None other than America’s sweetheart Mandy Moore taking in some MMA action at the Bell Centre. Fit, cute, multi-talented, rich *AND* into the UFC…enough said. That girl can put me in a rear-naked chokehold any day.

Chosen By: Owen

*Owen sent me a doozie of a weekly this week which maeutically led me not only to re-appreciate Mandy Moore for being SUCH a babe, but start adding the weeklies to the main page feed. They’ll still all be in the weekly archive [tab on navigation bar] but now you’ll also get your weekly dose of golden honey in the feed (and if you subscribe to the blog via RSS, of which there are apparently 14 people?).

Mark Hildebrand, Seppie Mulholland, Ryan McKeag and Graham Smith were all involved in what onlookers best described as a “street brawl” Tuesday evening. The group were dispassionately leaving the Rogers Center yesterday following a heartbreaking Jays 9th inning loss to the Oakland A’s when a shady group of frat boys managed to catch their attention. #13 on the NHL ’94 squad, Hildebrand, turned around to accost an individual after sensing a little bro-hostility, only to be greeted with a smile-shattering left hook. The groups then came together, trading punches and black eyes until the fraternity brothers chose to flee the scene, lest the police arrive and decide to press charges. The only casualty of the brawl ended up being Mark’s smile and a few raw knuckles. What’s the moral of this BSHL tale? Invite Wilko to the next Jays game.